Boulder Ridge Villas at Disney's Wilderness Lodge - DVC Resales

DVC Resales at Boulder Ridge villas at Disney's Wilderness Lodge.
Also known as Wilderness Lodge Villas, Boulder Ridge is unique in that is one of two Disney Vacation Club properties located at the Wilderness Lodge resort (the other being Copper Creek). Comprised of 181 deluxe studios, one and two-bedroom units, Boulder Ridge sits adjacent to the main Wilderness Lodge resort. Below is our current list of Boulder Ridge Villa resales. Click on the link for more information, or call our office at 1-800-550-6493.

DVC Resales at Disney's Boulder Ridge Villas



Use Year



Banked Points

79 points coming on 8/1/21 and 150 points coming on 8/1/22. Priced at $125 per point. Cannot close before 1/10/22.

175 points coming on 10/1/21 and 175 points coming on 10/1/22. CANNOT CLOSE UNTIL 10/1/21. Priced at $121 per point.

178 points coming on 10/1/22 and 210 points coming on 10/1/23. CAN CLOSE 3/7/22. Priced at $129 per point.

240 points coming on 2/1/22 and 250 points coming on 2/1/23. CAN CLOSE 12/22/21. Priced at $119 per point.

231 points currently available and 252 points coming on 4/1/22. Priced at $110 per point.

270 points coming on 9/1/21 and 270 points coming on 9/1/22. Priced at $119 per point.

252 points coming on 12/1/21 and 290 points coming on 12/1/22. Priced at $118 per point.

553 points currently available (490 + 63 banked points from 2020, banked points need to be used by 4/1/22) and 600 points coming on 4/1/22. Priced at $105 per point.

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