Frequently Asked Questions For DVC BUYERS

Why should I buy a DVC timeshare through the The Timeshare Store, Inc.® AKA

The reason is simple - SAVINGS. Depending on the resort, our customers can save anywhere from $30 to over $100 per point off buying a resale vs. purchasing directly from Disney Vacation Club.

Will I receive the same treatment as DVC members who purchase direct through Disney?

There are some limitations when purchasing a Disney Vacation Club resale versus purchasing from DVC directly. Points purchased through resale can not be used to make reservations within the Concierge Collection, the Disney Collection or the Adventurer Collection. DVC points purchased via resale are eligible for reservations at the 14 original Disney Vacation Club resorts*, as well as the Interval International Resort exchanges which include over 5,000 timeshare properties around the world. You will not have access to other Disney Vacation Club incidental benefits (also known as Membership Extras) such as Member discounts on dining, shopping, Member-exclusive events, and certain special Member offers.
*Any new resort starting with Disney's Riviera Resort is not eligible for points usage on contracts purchased through resale after January 19, 2019.

How do I know how many DVC points to purchase?

The answer to this question depends on your vacation habits. There are several options available to you when you purchase an interest in the Disney Vacation Club. Your points can be used at any DVC Resort* (Old Key West, Boardwalk Resort, Hilton Head Island, Vero Beach Resorts, Beach Club Villas, Boulder Ridge Villas at Disney's Wilderness Lodge, Copper Creek Villas & Cabins at Disney's Wilderness Lodge, Saratoga Springs, Animal Kingdom Villas, Bay Lake Tower, Aulani Resort in Hawaii, the Villas at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel® and Spa, Grand Floridian and the Polynesian Villas). You can also use your points for member getaways through Interval International.

* except for any new DVC resorts opened after January of 2019 (this includes Disney's Riviera Resort & The Villas at Disneyland Tower)

Is it possible to rent points before purchasing?

Most people looking to buy DVC for the first time are trying to purchase before their next trip to Walt Disney World. This way, the membership can start paying for itself right away. This doesn't always happen and some people want to give DVC a try before purchasing. The Timeshare Store, Inc.® works with owners who wish to sell their entire ownership as well as owners who rent out their points for the year. On average, DVC points rent for $20.00 per point. For example, if you needed 90 points to stay a week in a studio at Disney's Boardwalk Villas for the Epcot® international Food & Wine Festival, it would be $1,800.

Can I use my points to stay at resorts other than Walt Disney World?

es. Your Disney Vacation Club Membership allows you great flexibility to enjoy resorts all over the world. You can view the DVC Point Calculator to anticipate how many points you would use at different times of the year, and different DVC resorts. This is especially useful in helping you determine how many points you may need to purchase.

How Long Has The Timeshare Store, Inc.® Been in business?

The Timeshare Store, Inc.® sold its first DVC resale in 1994 and had two employees. Today, we have five full-time licensed real estate associates - Jerry, Yamilin, Jamie, Scot and Jason, and three administrative assistants - Jessica, Leslie and Heather. When you call us, you will talk to a person, not a machine! We are open seven days a week and pride ourselves in always being available to answer your questions regarding buying, selling, or renting a Disney Vacation Club package.

When can I make my first DVC reservation?

DVC reservations can usually be made about 30 to 45 days after closing. Once the property closes, the deed will be recorded with the County and Disney will then complete their transfer process. Once the transfer process is complete, Disney will mail you a letter with your membership number. Once you have your membership number, you can contact DVC Member Services to make reservations or make reservations online through the Disney Vacation Club member website.

What does "Use Year" mean?

The use year is the month you receive your points each year. It has nothing to do with when you can make your reservations, however. Example: If you have a June use year, you can call Member Services in February (or even earlier) to make a reservation for August. (You may book up to 11 months in advance at your home resort and up to 7 months in advance at any of the other Club locations.) Alternatively, if you want to vacation before your use year begins, you may use or borrow points from the upcoming allotment.

How long does it take to close on my Disney Vacation Club resale?

The typical closing time on a DVC resale contract is approximately 6 to 8 weeks. After we receive both Buyer’s and Seller’s signed contract, everything goes to Disney for Right of First Refusal (RofR). Disney typically takes up to 30 days to review the contract and decide whether to exercise their right to buy back the contract. If Disney waives their right of first refusal, contracts are then forwarded to the title company and they prepare final documents. After the final documents have been executed and returned (along with the monies due from the Buyer), the contract closes and Disney is notified of the transfer of title. It typically takes Disney 30-45 days after closing to add the new owner into their system.

When will I receive my new member handbook and vacation planner?

Disney provides access to the Member website, which has effectively replaced the Member Handbook. However Disney will mail you a variety of promotional information and a Member Magazine called Member Files each quarter.


Not when buying a resale from The Timeshare Store, Inc.®. You may purchase as few as 25 points, which is the smallest size deed that Disney offers. If you are buying directly from Disney, they require a minimum purchase of 150 points to receive their DVC "Membership Extras"


No hidden costs. When you purchase a DVC resale through The Timeshare Store, Inc.®, you will have your purchase price, closing costs, and applicable Annual Dues. That’s it. If you are financing your purchase, the bank you borrow from may charge closing costs on their loan, which is a separate from the closing cost on the resale package.


Yes. If you have the same use year for all of your packages, you will have one membership number for all of them. If you have more than one use year, you will receive a membership number for each one.


The closing costs average between $517 and $777 based on the purchase price. Your agent can give you an exact amount on each of our listings.


Some Sellers are negotiable, and some are firm at their asking price. We’ll always be happy to present an offer for you. Your The Timeshare Store, Inc.® associate will advise you if your offer is in danger of not passing Right of First Refusal (ROFR) so you can make an informed decision about the price you’d like us to present.


Right of First Refusal (ROFR) is the option Disney has to purchase back any resale package. Once there is an agreement between Buyer and Seller and signed contracts submitted to Disney, the RofR process will begin. Disney has 30 days to exercise their right of first refusal (although, ocassionally it may take longer) If Disney acts on their ROFR and decides they want purchase the package back, they would purchase the contract under the same terms that were agreed upon between the Buyer and Seller. If they decide to pass on their ROFR (not step in) the buyer would get the package and the closing would continue as normal.

Disney typically acts on ROFR if the sale price is below what Disney considers "market value." If Disney steps in and becomes the Buyer, the closing still moves forward with the seller as normal. The buyer just loses the opportunity to buy that package. The buyer can either receive a full refund on their deposit or we could assist with finding a different package to purchase.


Not if the Buyer presents a reasonable offer or asks The Timeshare Store, Inc.® for advice before presenting an offer. Between 12/1/21 and 12/1/22 The Timeshare Store, Inc.® sold 1,253 Disney Vacation Club contracts and 323 were bought back by Disney. This resulted in 75% of the buyers getting their desired property past the ROFR process. Some Buyers are willing to "take a risk" and make low bids just to see if they can sneak one through. For example, if a Buyer wants to offer $110 per point for a Saratoga Springs listing, The Timeshare Store, Inc.® associate will advise the buyer regarding the most recent buybacks at the resort, and that buyer can decide if they want to take that risk. If and / or when DVC exercises their ROFR, the Buyer is notified immediately by The Timeshare Store, Inc.® and their deposit is refunded in full. The buyer can either try again on a different listing or just walk away with no fees or costs to them.

In 2023, Disney has not been active on their ROFR and has not purchased back any DVC packages that The Timeshare Store,Inc.® has sold. All packages sold are still reviewed by Disney and they have the option to purchase them back, however for 2023 Disney has allowed all properties sold by The Timeshare Store,Inc.® to pass their ROFR process.


No. Once Disney has advised us that once they have exercised their ROFR, the bidding process is over and we cannot renegotiate the transaction. We would have to find the buyer a new property to purchase.


Animal Kingdom Lodge - $9.08 per point - Deed Expires 2057
Aulani Ko'Olina - $9.76 per point - Deed Expires 2062
Bay Lake Tower - $7.59 per point - Deed Expires 2060
Beach Club Villas - $8.63 per point - Deed Expires 2042
Boardwalk Villas - $8.67 per point - Deed Expires 2042
Boulder Ridge - $8.68 per point - Deed Expires 2042
Copper Creek - $8.10 per point - Deed Expires 2068
Grand Californian - $8.55 per point - Deed Expires 2060
Grand Floridian - $7.58 per point - Deed Expires 2064
Hilton Head - $11.32 per point - Deed Expires 2042
Old Key West - $9.87 per point - Deed Expires 2042 & 2057 if Extended
Polynesian Resort - $8.23 per point - Deed Expires 2066
Riviera Resort - $8.85 per point - Deed Expires 2070
Saratoga Springs - $8.14 per point - Deed Expires 2054
Vero Beach - $13.87 per point - Deed Expires 2042
Villas at Disneyland Hotel - $9.53 per point + $2.82 Transient Tax - Deed Expires 2074


Vacation Club Loans 800-334-2334 (
Light Stream (


Once points are banked, they cannot be returned to the current year. However, if you decide to take a vacation after banking this year’s points, you may always borrow up to 100% of next year’s allotment.


If a Member has an outstanding reservation, the sale cannot close until that vacation has been taken or the Seller’s reservation will be canceled when the deed is transferred to the Buyer. If the vacation is for May 30th -June 6th, then the sale cannot close until June 6th but all of the paperwork can be prepared, signed and ready prior to that. On June 6th, the title company will close the sale, transfer the title and notify DVC.


Your points may be banked every year, but the same points cannot be banked more than once. In other words, if you have a June use year and bank your points from June 2023 into June 2024, those points may be used until the last day of May, 2025. They cannot be banked again. However, the June 2024 points may be banked into June of 2025 and are good through May 31, 2026. So you can alway bank up to 100% of your allocation of points into the *next year. The Allocation month, known as the "USE YEAR" does have a banking deadline, so be sure to know when your DVC points will need to be banked by.

Use Year Banking Deadline
February September 30
March October 31
April November 30
June January 31
August March 31
September April 30
October May 31
December July 31


You can accumulate your points by banking and borrowing. Bank your 2023 points into 2024. In 2024, borrow your points from 2025. You now have 3 years' points available all at once.

Frequently Asked Questions For DVC Sellers

Do you charge any up-front fees for listing my property? Appraisal Fees? Advertising Fees?

NO, NO, NO! The Timeshare Store, Inc.® has never charged any type of listing fee to timeshare owners wanting to sell their properties! We think they are rip-off's and no one should pay someone for work yet to be done. We MUST work hard to sell your property, because we don't make a cent until we do! Other companies have no incentive to work if they have already received money from you!

How long will it take to sell my timeshare?

There is no predetermined sales time when it comes to selling your points, however, 10 seconds is our current record! Factors which greatly affect the amount of time it takes to sell a property include: Resort, price, banked points, borrowed points, deeded # of points, etc. As a transaction broker, we are not able to promise we can sell your property, only that we will do our absolute best to effectively find a buyer for your property at a fair market price.

What determines the amount of money I will receive at closing?

You will receive the sale proceeds less a $150 Estoppel Fee and our 9.5% commission (offering an 8.5% promotional commission)*. Any outstanding liens, mortgages, maintenance fees or late fees that may have been assessed to your property will also be deducted. Closing costs are usually paid by the buyer. If you have paid your maintenance fees for the year in which the buyer wishes to assume usage, we will ask that those fees be reimbursed to you.
*If you are a seller located outside the United States, you will most likely also have to pay a 15% FIRPTA tax.
**If you own the Aulani Resort, the state of Hawaii, will charge a 7.25% HARPTA tax and the title company will assist you in completing the tax****

How does The Timeshare Store, Inc.® make money?

We are a transaction broker, registered in the State of Florida, working strictly on commission. We spend OUR time and OUR advertising dollars finding buyers for your property and will continue to do so until it is sells. If we do not sell your property, we do not make a dime.

Once my property is sold, how long will it take to close?

Once the contract has been properly signed and the deposit received, closing typically takes place within 60 days (6 to 8 weeks from start to finish). Please consult your associate for a better timeframe for your particular resale. You do NOT have to come to Florida for the closing! All paperwork is handled through the modern simplicities of e-mail and fax machines.