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DVC Resales at Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort. DVC's Hilton Head resort in South Carolina draws its inspiration from mid-century fishing lodges. With 123 rooms, this is one of the smaller resorts in the DVC portfolio, but also treasured by the members who own there. Below is our current list of DVC resales at Hilton Head. Click on the link for more information, or call our office at 1-800-550-6493.

DVC Resales at Disney's Hilton Head Resort



Use Year



Price Per Point

Banked Points

39 points coming on 6/1/21 and 150 points coming on 6/1/22. CANNOT CLOSE UNTIL 7/2/21. Priced at $83 per point.

200 points coming on 2/1/22 and 200 points coming on 2/1/23. CAN CLOSE ON 10/12/21. Priced at $82 per point.

103 points coming on 9/1/21 and 200 points coming on 9/1/22. CAN CLOSE 8/30/21. Priced at $84 per point.

210 points coming on 9/1/22 and 210 points coming on 9/1/23. CAN CLOSE 10/25/21. Priced at $82 per point.

220 points coming on 10/1/22 and 220 points coming on 10/1/23. CAN CLOSE 10/18/21. Priced at $82 per point.

225 points coming on 4/1/22 and 225 points coming on 4/1/23. CAN CLOSE 6/14/21. Priced at $82 per point.

150 points coming on 10/1/21 and 300 points coming on 10/1/22. Priced at $82 per point.

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