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DVC Resales at- Disney's Vero Beach Resort. Nestled on the coast of Florida, Disney's Vero Beach resort truly embodies the spirit of 'old-florida' - a time before the crowds and the theme parks. The resort opened in 1995, and features just over 200 rooms, including 6 three-bedroom cottages that sit directly along the beach. The area is known as a nesting location for Loggerhead sea turtles during the fall months, and this is a popular time to visit. Below you will find our current list of Vero Beach DVC resales. Click on a particular listing to learn more about it, or call our office at 1-800-550-6493.

Disney's Vero Beach Resort



Use Year



Price Per Point

Banked Points

86 points coming on 2/1/22 and 130 points coming on 2/1/23. Priced at $80 per point.

80 points currently available and 150 points coming on 8/1/22. Priced at $90 per point.

75 points coming on 12/1/22 and 150 points coming on 12/1/23. CAN CLOSE 1/10/22. Priced at $79 per point.

200 points currently available and 200 points coming on 6/1/22. Priced at $82 per point.

220 points coming on 2/1/23 and 220 points coming on 2/1/24. Priced at $80 per point.

270 points coming on 2/1/22 and 270 points coming on 2/1/23. Priced at $75 per point.

300 points coming on 6/1/22 and 300 points coming on 6/1/23. CAN CLOSE 4/11/22. Priced at $80 per point.

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