DVC Store Text Alerts

Get instant text alets when we add new DVC Resale listings to our site!

1 - Simply send a text message with one of the keywords below to 888-111

2 - You'll receive a confirmation text with a link that will allow you to tell us which use years you are interested in. It is VERY important that you click the link and fill out the form. Without that, you will not receive updates.

3 - Fill out your name, email address, and select up to three use years (or select 'no preference') for the desired resort

4 - Each time a listing is added to our database that matches the resort and use year you've signed up for, we'll send you a text message with information on the property, and a link to fill out information to make an offer.

5 - You can sign up for as many resorts as you like. Please keep in mind that standard data and text rates apply.

6 - Just text STOP to 888-111 to stop receiving updates.

Below are the keywords you can text to receive updates. Please be sure to text the keyword EXACTLY as it appears with no spaces.

Resort Text to 888-111
Animal Kingdom Lodge animal
Aulani Resort in Hawaii aulani
Bay Lake Tower baylake
Beach Club Resort beachclub
Boardwalk boardwalk
Boulder Ridge boulder
Grand Californian californian
Copper Creek coppercreek
Grand Floridia floridian
Hilton Head hiltonhead
Old Key West oldkeywest
Polynesian polynesian
Saratoga Springs saratoga
Vero Beach vero