Presenting a lower priced offer on a DVC resale contract

Like any real estate transaction, many buyers will make an offer on a listing that interests them. It is perfectly acceptable to offer a lower price per point than what the seller is asking. When an offer is made, your DVC Store associate will present your offer to the seller. It’s important however, to keep certain things in mind when making an offer:

  • When you submit your offer, your DVC Store associate will present that to the seller and begin negotiating on your behalf.

  • You may be competing against other buyers when you make an offer. If another buyer presents a full price offer, that will supersede any lower offers and the full price buyer will take the contract.

  • If your offer is accepted by the seller, a deposit would be due within 7 days. The deposit would be 10% of the purchase price (which can be put on a credit card up to $2500).

  • The final balance would not be due until closing, which is approximately 7 to 8 weeks from the date the offer is accepted

  • Please remember that Disney Vacation Club maintains the right of first refusal on all resales. If they deem the offer as being too low , they will exercise that right in order to preserve the price. Even if the seller agrees to the lower price, Disney could still exercise their contractual rights and buy the contract. If that happens, there is no negotiation past that point. Disney’s decisions with regard to RofR are final. . If your contract is taken by Disney during the right of first refusal period, you will receive 100% of your deposit back.

  • If you plan to finance, the DVC Store recommends the following companies: