Disney Vacation Club 2024 Proposed Annual Dues

Below are the projected annual dues for the Disney Vacation Club Resorts in 2024. These proposed annual dues are in a per point increment based on number of points you own per resort. These proposed annual dues will be approved by Disney Vacation Development after the condominium association meeting on December 7th 2023.

The proposed annual dues have always been approved by the association, so you can expect these dues to be accurate for the upcoming 2024 year.

DVC Resorts 2024 Dues  2023 Dues % Increase  
Animal Kingdom $9.08/pt. $8.81/pt. 3.09%
Aulani Resort   $9.76/pt. $9.15/pt. 6.78%
Aulani – Subsidize $7.34/pt. $6.88/pt. 6.78%
Bay Lake Tower  $7.59/pt. $7.43/pt. 2.22%
Disney’s Beach Club $8.63/pt. $8.17/pt. 5.63%
Disney’s Boardwalk $8.67/pt. $8.53/pt. 1.64%
Boulder Ridge  $8.68/pt. $8.51/pt. 1.97%
Copper Creek   $8.10/pt. $7.92/pt. 2.19%
Disneyland Hotel $9.53/pt. $9.06/pt. 5.20%
Grand Californian   $8.55/pt. $8.04 pt. 6.39%
Grand Floridian $7.58/pt. $7.34/pt. 3.28%
Hilton Head  $11.32/pt. $10.73/pt. 5.44%
Old Key West $9.87/pt. $9.36/pt. 5.45%
Disney’s Polynesian  $8.23/pt. $7.95/pt. 3.56%
Riviera Resort $8.85/pt. $8.51/pt. 4.07%
Saratoga Springs $8.14/pt. $7.86/pt. 3.52%
Disney’s Vero Beach   $13.87/pt. $12.85/pt. 7.88%

How to Calculate your Annual Bill

To figure out what your annual bill will be, just take the number of points you own (per deed and location), and multiply the per point cost of the resort.

As an example: If you own at the Boardwalk Villas for 230 points X $8.67 per point = your annual cost of $1,994 per year. If you decided to pay this monthly your cost would be $166 per month.

How do you pay your annual dues?

You can either pay Annually or Monthly. If you pay annually, you can use a credit card, debit card, or a Disney gift card via the DVC member website. You can also set up an annual credit card auto payment for future annual payments as well.

Disney also gives members the option to pay monthly with an automatic payment, if you’d prefer to spread your payments throughout the year.

With this option, you would just need to upload your bank or savings account information on the DVC member site and Disney will take the payment either on the 1st or the 15th of each month. There are no additional fees for this monthly payment option. The bank must be a US Bank on US soil. Accounts with a foreign bank do not qualify. Click here for more details.

When are Annual Dues due?

If you were paying Annually, your payment would be due every January 15th each year. However, the bill is not considered late until February 15th.

If you are planning to pay monthly, Disney will begin deductions either January 1st or 15th and will continue your monthly payments each month for the entire year (12 equal payments).

If you have any questions regarding annual dues or how the DVC program works, please reach out and we will be happy to assist you. You can reach out to sales@dvcstore.com or call 800-550-6493.