DVC Honeymoon!

On our honeymoon, my wife and I had just arrived at the Contemporary Resort Hotel from our horrendous Disney Cruise, not terrible because of the ship but the weather in late November of 2013, and realized we had a large swath of time to kill before our tower room was ready. We casually walked around the Grand Canyon Concourse, admiring the Mary Blair mural, watching the monorail zoom in and out of the building, and smelling the food from Chef Mickey’s and the Contempo Café. We even entered the Buena Vista gift shop to help pass the time, but all the distractions could not keep us from the blue sign and large flappable book. The blue-shirted man sat behind the book and could sense our curiosity that really couldn’t hide our enthusiasm for yes, the Disney Vacation Club. We had time to kill. We really did. That is what I keep telling myself.

I looked at my new wife and we both flipped the pages of the book and even listened to the introductory spiel of the blue-shirted man. We were then brought over to Bay Lake Tower and proceeded down the hallway where we would meet our DVC ambassador who then showed us a video on the benefits of becoming a DVC member. We watched a video on the value of points etc. We looked at each other and knew we wanted to make it happen already. They were selling only two places at that point, Grand Floridian and Animal Kingdom Lodge. Even before we got to look at any room types… We wanted in at the Grand Floridian. We are monorail people and Magic Kingdom people. (Yes, like most of planet Earth’s Disney Fans..)

We still had three hours before check-in.

We decided… ah, what the heck, let’s go check out the model rooms at Saratoga Springs. Couldn’t hurt? I mean, what else are we going to do? At this point, Disney knew that had us hooked. It’s sorta like buying a car without test-driving it. Still, Disney made sure we got the full buying experience. Saratoga Springs is home to the Disney Vacation Club’s headquarters and all the available models are there to tour. The small offices where you sign all the paperwork and of course the ice cream parlor where you take your picture and eat a treat for having just bought into the awesomeness that is Disney Vacation Club. Would we do it? Would we, a newly married couple take the plunge and become DVC members?

Of course!

We signed the paperwork, took the picture, and were now part of the Disney Vacation Club. We have enjoyed every minute of it since then. It has been six years already and we have made some incredible memories already and will continue to do so for years to come.

My wife and I look forward to booking our trip every year and always delight in the fact that we know we are coming back to the magic.

So, really having a ton of time in between a Cruise and the resort check-in may not be beneficial for those who are always on the go but, it just may lead you to one of the most important and magical decisions of your life.