How Do DVC Points Work?

The Disney Vacation Club (DVC) is a vacation ownership program, allowing members to purchase an ownership interest (points) in one of the Disney Vacation Club Resorts (currently 17 different resorts). The DVC “points system” is the key element of the program, and it determines how members can use their ownership to stay at these different Disney properties.

Here’s an overview of how the Disney Vacation Club point system works:

Purchase of Points:

Members buy a certain number of points, which represent their ownership in a specific Disney Vacation Club Resort.

The number of points a member owns is based on their vacation needs. The points needed for a vacation will vary depending on the resort location, the size accommodation, and the time of year (i.e., the season) they like to travel. The points can use any day of the year, in any size accommodation, and at any DVC location, as long as there is availability.

What is a Use Year:

Each member is assigned a “Use Year,” (also known as the month the points become available in a membership each year) but is also a 12-month period during which the annual allotment of points is credited to the account. There are 8 different “Use Years” and the points must be used within that 12 month allocation time or can be banked into the next year and saved for a future vacation. Just be aware, you can only bank from one year into the next, and that next year those “banked” points will need to be used or they will expire. The shelf life of a point is up to 24 months.

Booking Accommodations:

Members can use their points to book accommodations at the 17 different Disney Vacation Club Resorts.

The number of points required for a stay depends on factors such as the resort, room type, view, number of nights, and season.

Home Resort Priority:

Members have the advantage of booking accommodations at their “Home Resort” 11 months in advance of the desired check-in date which gives them priority in securing reservations at their primary “Home” resort.

Non Home Resort Booking Window:

After the Home Resort priority period, members can also book accommodations at other Disney Vacation Club Resorts based on availability. The booking window for non-Home Resorts is 7 months in advance of the desired check-in date.

Banking and Borrowing Points:

Members can “bank” their current year’s points to use in a future year, extending the usability of points beyond the standard Use Year. Additionally, members can “borrow” points from a future year to use in the current year.

Points Chart:

Disney provides a points chart that outlines the number of points required for the different resorts in various accommodations during the seasons within the year. See link below for the various point charts at the different resort locations. These charts will help determine how many points are needed for accommodation needs. Click here to view the points charts or for quick way to calculate the points necessary for a vacation, use this point calculator which will calculate the total point costs.

It’s important for members to plan and manage their points effectively to make the most of their Disney Vacation Club membership. The system offers flexibility and the opportunity to experience Disney resorts and other vacation destinations affiliated with the program.

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