Renting DVC Points: A Newbie’s Experience

When my family started talking about spending Thanksgiving at Walt Disney World, I was so excited!  We have never spent the holiday there before. However, I was also hit with the reality that I was out of DVC points for 2020.  Within my first year of being a DVC owner, I’ve already added on another contract and still managed to run out of points. I didn’t want to borrow further into 2021 than I already had, and cash stays just aren’t as appealing unless there’s a good discount.  So what did I do? I rented points from the DVC Store for the first time. While I know that I can rent points directly from other owners, I felt more comfortable going through a reputable company like the DVC Store. 

Finding Points

In a rather serendipitous moment, I saw an email from the DVC Store advertising 175 Beach Club Villas points up for rental at $18 per point.  My family and I love the Beach Club Villas for its amazing location near Epcot and Hollywood Studios and its pool, Stormalong Bay, so I couldn’t turn down this opportunity. I promptly emailed to say that I was interested in renting some of those points.  I knew that the Beach Club Villas is a popular resort and that those points wouldn’t hang around for long! 

Securing the Reservation

Luckily, the DVC Store got back to me within a matter of minutes.  All I had to do was email my desired check-in and check-out dates, type of villa, basic contact information, and my guests’ names.  I could have also added flight info at this time if I had it and wanted to request the Magical Express. Once the DVC Store checked availability for me, I then confirmed that I’d like to move forward with the reservation.

After the reservation was made, I received an email confirmation.  My next steps were to sign and email back a contract, and pay the the rental fee via PayPal or check. All of this was completed within the same day.  Since I received the DVC reservation confirmation number, I was able to add the reservation to my account in My Disney Experience. Once I have my flight info, I’ll have to go through the owner to make arrangements for the Magical Express at least 30 days prior to check-in. I could have also added the Disney Dining Plan if I wanted. This would have required full payment upfront.

All in all, renting points was very seamless, and I cannot wait for our stay at the Beach Club Villas!  I would definitely consider renting again in the future if I were ever out of points. Not only was it easy to do, but it resulted in significant savings.  My total for our 4-night stay in a Beach Club Deluxe Studio Villa (74 points) was $1,332, which was about 30% cheaper than if I had paid cash.  

If you’ve rented points before, what was your experience like?

4 thoughts on “Renting DVC Points: A Newbie’s Experience

  • February 12, 2020 at 5:53 pm

    I’m confused by some of the numbers in this post. You say that there was 175 points at $18 per point which would equal $3,150. Then later you say that the total for a 4 night stay in a Beach Club Villa was $1,332. How do you get to the lower amount?

    • March 6, 2020 at 2:53 pm

      Thanks for reading! I only rented 74 points for my reservation, so at a rate of $18/point, my total was $1,332. Hope that clarifies the numbers!

  • January 2, 2021 at 7:10 am

    I recently rented points and had a positive experience like yours – however I have not yet taken the trip. I would be interested to hear how your trip went from a renter’s perspective. Any unique challenges in checking in? Any different treatment?

  • March 19, 2021 at 2:01 am

    Do you have to be a DVC member in order to rent points?

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