A Photo Tour of a Beach Club Villas Deluxe Studio

Welcome home!  Take a peek inside a deluxe studio at the Beach Club Villas.  This is villa 159 on the first floor.

View from the Front Door

DVC Testimonials |   Deluxe Studio Hallway To Different Rooms of the Unit

From the entryway, the bathroom was on the left, kitchenette on the right, and bedroom/living room area straight ahead.  The room had an understated beach theme with tranquil blue walls and subtle sea-themed details like the starfish on the cabinet knobs.  


DVC Testimonials | Bathroom and Toilet With Fresh Towels

The bathroom here was pretty standard with a toilet and full size tub.  A clothesline can be pulled out and extended across the tub.

DVC Deluxe Studio Unit | Toiletries For DVC Members

The travel-size H2O toiletries were still offered here.

DVC Listing Testimony | Sink and Mirror Outside the Bathroom with Fresh Towels and Tissues

The sink was located outside of the bathroom.  A narrow shelf under the mirror made it easier to keep the counter less cluttered, and the shelf under the sink had a hairdryer and an extra box of tissues.  


DVC Beach Club Villas | Closet Area With Hanger, Ironing Board and Extra Linens

The closet was located to the right of the sink area.  It had hangers, a safe, iron and ironing board, and extra linens for the foldout beds.   


DVC Beach Club Villas | Kitchenette Area

The kitchenette had a small sink, dishwashing liquid, sponge, towel, coffee maker (a 12-cup Mr. Coffee machine), microwave, and mini-fridge.  The mini-fridge had a small freezer section at the top.

Kitchen Are | Toaster, Glasses, Paper Cups, Bowls, Plates, Plastic Utensils, and Mug at Cabinet

Inside the top cabinets were the toaster, glasses, paper cups, bowls, plates, plastic utensils, and mugs.  The lower cabinet stored the garbage can and recycling bin. There were two pouches of regular coffee and two for decaf, but you can ask for more if needed or of course bring your own.  There was also tea, sugar, coasters, creamer, paper towels, and an ice bucket.


Beach Club | Queen Size Bed with White Sheets, Pillows and Towels

This was a queen size bed.  The decorative blanket at the foot of the bed had a sea theme and some hidden Mickeys.


Beach Club Studio | Double Seater Sofa near Bed Area

This was a double size sleeper sofa.  

Table/Murphy Bed

Beach Villas | Table With TV Attached On The Wall Above It

The table folded down to become a Murphy bed with a cute image of Donald snoozing on the beach.  

Villa | Pull Down Bed

I had a little trouble pulling down the bed, but I think I didn’t push the button hard enough first.   

Patio View

Beach Club Villas | Patio View

There are no separate standard and preferred views for the Beach Club Villas studios.  This studio was on the first floor, so we had a patio instead of a balcony with two chairs and a small table.  There wasn’t much to see other than some foliage and a side street, but it was peaceful outside.


Studio Unit At Beach Club Villas | Small Storage

There were a few different places for storing items, including some drawers by the Murphy bed, the nightstand, and even some drawers built into the coffee table.

DVC Listing | Hooke In Front Door of the Studio

One of my favorite features of the studio was the set of hooks right by the front door.  We used them for our park bags, so we could just grab them on our way out.


Amenities | Outlets and USB Ports

There were plenty of outlets and USB ports in the room, which made charging all our devices convenient.  

Overall, my fiancé and I thought that the studio was a beautiful and comfortable place to stay for our extended weekend.  We found that the thermostat adjusted the temperature of the studio quickly, and it was surprisingly quiet in both the room and hallways.  In fact, we never heard our neighbors in the adjoining villa. We also loved that it was such a quick walk to Epcot. Our only gripe was the WiFi.  It was incredibly slow in the studio, which made it difficult to work remotely or stream any music or videos. I also found my phone signal (T-Mobile) pretty weak in the room though it was fine in the lobby and most of the common areas of the resort.  This was the first time that we stayed in a DVC resort, so we don’t have much of a basis for comparison other than the regular hotel side of the resort, but we really enjoyed the Beach Club Villas and hope to stay there again.

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