Disney Spontaneity with DVC

It hardly seems that the words Disney and spontaneity should ever belong in the same sentence. We’ve all been there, hovering over our devices at some early morning hour, trying to snag that dining reservation, FastPass+, or DVC booking.  Let’s face it, Disney requires planning. Disney requires a lot of planning.  Being a DVC member requires planning to secure that perfect room. Despite this, one of the best gifts my husband, Paul, and I have received from DVC is the ability to be more spontaneous at Disney.

FastPass+ and dining reservations are considered a vital part of Disney World planning.

I’m not usually a go with the flow kind of person. I like making plans. While my husband is a great planner, he really enjoys being able to see where the wind takes him. When the last few years started turning us into Disney fanatics, we both eagerly jumped on the Disney planning wagon. Soon enough, meticulously chosen FastPass+ selections, times set aside for shows, and nightly dining reservations filled our vacation schedules. While our carefully crafted days made things easy, we always felt the pressure to stick to a schedule that left no room for improvisation. This also left no room to explore the little known treasures of Disney World. Unbeknownst to us at the time, there are so many incredible experiences outside what people will typically make plans for.

Paul getting singled out to dance with the Harambe Village Acrobats

After becoming DVC members, something changed in us. Since DVC gave us the ability to visit more often, we were no longer bogged down with the feeling that we had to fit as much as possible into a single trip. Instead, we began to find more time to relax at our resort, hang at the pool, explore new places or activities, and just see where the wind takes us. Sometimes we would use our FastPasses. Sometimes we would cancel them and find something new to experience. We’ve also started making fewer advanced dining reservations and instead enjoy seeing what last minute reservations or unique quick service we can find. This has led us to some great experiences and great meals we may not have otherwise chosen for ourselves.

Making s’mores at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Just this month, we decided forgo some plans, come back from the parks early, and see what last minute dining reservations were up for grabs. A few hours later, we found ourselves at Sanaa. This was a place on our radar, but one we probably wouldn’t have chosen based on our past jam-packed schedules. Dining at Sanaa gave me the realization that fun and unique places can be found last minute. We loved everything about the meal experience at Sanaa-the atmosphere, the service, and the food (especially the Indian bread service).

Indian Bread Service at Sanaa (inside Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge- Kidani Village)

Adding spontaneity into our trips reconfirms for us why we love Disney. There are just so many exciting things to explore and do and as well as many wonderful places and ways to unwind. Thank you DVC for giving us the opportunity to be a little impromptu, to explore new adventures, and to ditch that Fastpass+ and spend the evening playing Remy’s Hide & Squeak together.

Remy’s Hide & Speak Game at Epcot International Food & Wine Festival

Let me know your thoughts. Is being spontaneous at Disney World still possible? Has DVC given you more flexibility? What are some spontaneous adventures you have experienced during your vacation?

3 thoughts on “Disney Spontaneity with DVC

  • July 10, 2019 at 10:34 am

    On our last trip, it wasn’t going to cost that much to change our flights and extend by three days, so we checked and we were able to get 3 additional days on points, but it was at Saratoga and we were staying at Old Key West.

    We went ahead and did so, knowing we may have to change resorts, but then when we got back the night before, we asked at the front desk if they could get us into Old Key West instead. Not only did they get us back at Old Key West, we even kept the same room, just as if nothing had changed, other than we didn’t add the dining plan for the three additional days, but we were given the opportunity to do so if we wanted to. Had we not had DVC, we most likely would never have considered adding those three extra days. We also have APs since they were about the same price (thanks to the DVC discount) as buying tickets for the length of our last trip, so additional admission was not an issue either, again thanks to DVC.

    So, yes, DVC has allowed us to be spontaneous to a degree that we wouldn’t have been without it.

  • July 10, 2019 at 11:39 am

    Yes, being a DVC member and knowing that your vacation is not a “once in a lifetime” or even a “once in 7 years” is very liberating.
    There is no need to cram everything in; there is time to relax.
    I have booked vacations for friends of mine who can only get away for 5 days. They have to do a whirlwind on parks, with a few hours set aside for the husband who loves to just sit by the pool in the sun.
    I like MY vacation strategy better!

  • July 10, 2019 at 11:45 am

    DVC definitely increases ability to be spontaneous. If you know you’re back 1-3 times a year, you can ignore and avoid the busy mid day craziness that others endure because it’s their once-in-a-lifetime trip and want to get everything in.

    We planned on having a leisurely breakfast at the quick service spot on the last trip. It was packed and had a long line so we walked around the corner to see about a table in the restaurant, no availability. Open the MDE app, several breakfast reservations were available within 30 min so we immediately booked Olivia’s at OKW, ran to the car and enjoyed a nice breakfast. We didn’t have morning park plans, otherwise this would be impossible….

    We’ve also stumbled on nice spots to watch fireworks from monorail resorts when we left early and grab some ice cream and drinks while the 7yr old plays on the beach with no one around.

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