FAQs: Disney Vacation Club Points and how they work

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The Vacation Points system is a key reason the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) is the most unique, cost-effective, and fun way to go on vacation. But what exactly are Vacation Points and how can you use them to create your family’s most memorable adventures?

Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • What are DVC Vacation Points?Vacation Points refer to DVC members’ usable real estate interest. Use points to reserve or book your stay at various DVC Resorts and partner RCI destinations.
  • Where can I use DVC Vacation Points?DVC Vacation Points are eligible at any of the 15 featured DVC Resorts and more than 2,600 Disney properties and partner RCI destinations around the world.
  • How do I know how many Vacation Points I need to book at DVC Resorts? The number of Vacation Points needed to book at DVC Resorts depends on the resort, the type of accommodation, the season or time of year, and the length of your vacation.For easier reference, check out these Points Charts:
  • What are “Use Years” and how do they affect my Vacation Points?Use Year refers to the period of time during which DVC Members are given a new allotment of Vacation Points. They also set the deadlines for banking or borrowing Vacation Points.Your specific Use Years are based on your ownership interest at a DVC Resort. Learn more here.
  • What does “banking” and “borrowing” mean?Banking and borrowing are practical and flexible ways members can schedule the use of their Vacation Points.For example, if you can’t visit a DVC Resort this year, you can bank your unused Vacation Points from your current Use Year to the next. This gives you more Vacation Points to use in the future.Conversely, if you need additional Vacation Points for a high-priced booking, you can borrow from your next Use Year to top up your currently usable Vacation Points.

    For more on banking Vacation Points – its advantages for DVC Members and important conditions to remember – read this blog post..

  • What are “Add On” and “One-Time-Use” Vacation Points? DVC Members may purchase additional ownership interest, or Add On Points. This increases their stake in DVC Resorts and their yearly allocation of Vacation Points.One-Time Use adds extra Vacation Points to book a particularly demanding reservation. Members are allowed to purchase up to 24 additional Vacation Points per year directly with Disney or you can use our service of Transferring points into your Membership. If you do a Transfer you can buy as many points that we have available. The cost is $16 per point.
  • Are my Vacation Points exclusively for my use only? You can share all or a portion of your Vacation Points with a fellow member, friend, or family member….whomever.  Transferring Vacation Points is ideal for members who may need the added points to book higher-end accommodations, or extend their stay.
  • I want to try a DVC Resort, but I’m not a member yet. Can I use Vacation Points? For non-members, one way to try out the DVC experience is to rent Vacation Points. You can read more about the pros and cons of renting Vacation Points, and how it works in this blog.