Going on a DVC Tour: Is it worth it?

This past spring, my fiancé (Timothy) and I were actively researching DVC but hadn’t yet pursued a contract.  Since we were staying at the Swan, we were strolling along the boardwalk and decided to stop by the DVC model villas on whim.  The only time we had been inside a villa is when visiting a friend who was already a DVC member. The Boardwalk model villas were beautiful, and it didn’t take much for the DVC guide to sign us up for a guided tour of Copper Creek, the property actively on sale at the time.  

The next day, a DVC van picked us up from the Swan and whisked us away to Wilderness Lodge.  There, we were introduced to a DVC guide who would be giving us the tour. First, we went to an office and watched a brief video that gave an overview of DVC.  It was fairly general information about how the points work and what kinds of resorts are included–nothing earth shattering. Once we were done, our guide took us around the resort to see a studio, one-bedroom villa, cabin, and the overall resort amenities.  This helped give us a better idea of what the accommodations would be like. I went into the tour having my heart already set on the Boardwalk, but I have to admit that the Copper Creek villas were really nice; I liked their rustic yet modern style, and I think it’s now a bucket list item for us to eventually stay in one of those gorgeous cabins. 

The start of the tour–Wilderness Lodge!

At the end of the tour, our guide brought us back to the office and into a small room where Timothy and I could privately discuss what we wanted to do.  We had been quite frank with our guide and let him know in advance that we were serious about DVC but really exploring our best options for a home resort and trying to get a better sense of how many points we would need based on that resort.  While most tours only last a couple of hours, we ended up staying for over 3 hours trying to nail down what we wanted, and even then, we did not end up signing a contact onsite. All the while, our guide was extremely patient in giving us space to discuss things and only checked in to see how we were doing and if we had any questions.  

This is the comparison of the Boardwalk Villas and Copper Creek Villas & Cabins that we pulled up on the screen at the DVC office.

All in all, the tour was a no-pressure sales pitch–far from the nightmarish stories people tell about timeshare pitches where the salespeople won’t let you leave!  Even though I have been to Disney World every year for as long as I can remember and have stayed ‘on property’ nearly every time, I’m glad that we took the tour. It gave us a clearer idea of what the villas looked like since we had not stayed in any DVC villas before, and it informed us of the current incentives.  For instance, at the time there were developer incentives for Copper Creek, which we had not heard about prior to taking the tour. It also didn’t hurt that we got a Disney gift card and some fast passes for our time, though those perks may vary. In addition, Disney makes it really easy for you to visit the model villas.  Not only did they pick us up from our hotel, but they offered to drop us off anywhere on Disney property after we were done with the tour.  

After taking the tour and doing plenty of research, we felt prepared enough to make an educated decision.  We had official information from Disney, but we were also able to balance that against anecdotes from actual DVC members and their experiences using their points, especially with regard to how much home resort advantage can matter.  In hindsight, we could have taken things a step further and rented points to truly try before we buy. If you have already tried out a few resorts by renting points, the tour may not be as worthwhile.

Let me know: how many of you went on a tour before joining DVC?  Did you find it worthwhile?

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  • October 2, 2019 at 11:52 am

    Which resort ended up being your home resort? We haven’t taken the plunge yet but I read about it all the time. Good luck!

  • October 3, 2019 at 9:53 am

    At the time i bought, I had gotten the hard sales pitch from another Timeshare , just off property. They actually wouldn’t let us leave or pick up our younger children. So i signed. I then went on a DVC tour with my wife – same trip and we didn’t get the high-pressure sales pitch. They did stuff with my kids and gave them gifts also. I didn’t feel as if they were kidnapped. We decided to buy right then and there and have not regretted it. Taking the tour was definitely worth it. They mentioned that some inventory was builder inventory as well. the new BLT and a different one. The tour really shows you everything you can do using DVC points. When i got home i cancelled the Timeshare i bought (had that seven day window to cancel). I still get calls if i want to sell that timeshare. They did have some DVC stores in Chicago and on Long island. I even went on those tours as they were showing

  • October 3, 2019 at 12:56 pm

    Yes, worth it! Go on a tour and see what you get from Disney directly and before you buy, chech with the used market and weigh your options. We bought used and then added 25 points direct to get the benefits as if we bought all direct. We saved over $16,000 buying used. Things have changed but you can get great deals used. Study, study, study before you buy. Make sure you understand the use year and home resort facts before doing anything.

  • October 3, 2019 at 2:41 pm

    As for your experience my wife and I also had the same experience you did. When we were in Hawaii last year we visited the Disney’s Aulani resort. We were picked up at our hotel and taken to the resort with the exact same itinerary as you. The resort was breathtaking and we didn’t want to leave. The Rep we had was very nice and patient also. She showed us how the points worked and even got us some chips and a drink. We were so impressed that when we got back home we looked over our finances and went for it. We are now DVC members. We even talked our family into getting a membership. So now we plan to go at least 2-3 a year.

  • November 7, 2019 at 3:02 pm

    Our tour last about 3 hours as well! Glad we aren’t the only ones.

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