Purchasing a Fixed Week

Beginning with the Villas at the Grand Floridian, fixed weeks have been included as an option, along with points, when purchasing a Disney Vacation Club membership. Although fixed weeks have been the more traditional way of purchasing a timeshare, it is relatively new and often misunderstood among both members and the Disney sales guides. Let’s review how fixed weeks work with DVC and what questions to ask when purchasing.

A “fixed week” is just that, a week that is purchased for use every year, although the exact dates may change per calendar year. While other timeshares have a Fri-Fri, Sat-Sat, or Sun-Sun check-in/check-out weeks, Disney only offers a Sunday through Sunday week for purchase.

Fixed weeks are priced differently than the traditional points chart. There are additional points that are included in fixed weeks. Let’s use Copper Creek studio, December week 49 as an example. Using the points chart for 2020, a week in a studio is 107 points. When purchasing this week as a “fixed week” option, the purchase is for 118 points. Yes, this is more than the 107 points needed. Why is the purchase price, 118 points? As was explained to me by my sales guide, it is a built-in buffer should the points charts change in the future. Sounds good, right? Well, in the long run this could be a very good deal. Yes, you are paying for the extra points now, but, should the points chart be even more than the 118 points for that week in the future, as an owner, you will never be charged extra for your week stay. Over the life of 50 years, those 11 extra points could be a bargain!!

You can convert your fixed week into points, and use for points reservations throughout your Use Year (UY). So now, your 118 points are available in its entirety to use. You must call Member Services to convert your fixed week into points. They will go into the Use Year your membership is in. Remember, your fixed week does not have to be the same month as your Use Year. You can do this at any time during your Use Year, subject to the banking and borrowing rules. Unless you call to convert into points, your fixed week reservation will automatically be made around 12 months prior to check-in.

Can I get previous years points with a “fixed week” purchase? Absolutely! As with points, you must purchase the fixed week before the start of your new UY. So, if your use year is September, be sure to purchase your fixed week in August or before. You may not get your fixed week with your initial purchase if there is no availability. You will get the points, which can be banked.

Fixed weeks are not eligible for any “discounts” offered, they can be “rented”, and sold as a fixed week on the “resales” market.

So why buy a fixed week? It is flexible, it is buffered against any future points chart changes and no more worries about getting your reservation. Is it worth the extra cost? With availability getting tighter and tighter, especially at the 7-month reservation mark, fixed weeks may offer peace of mind and stress free travel arranging.

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