The Disney “Treasure” Will Debut in December 2024

Disney Cruise Line just announced many of the luxurious amenities coming to the Disney Treasure. 

Let’s just say that you might want to clear off your schedule for Christmas Week in 2024!

Here’s what we know about Disney’s newest cruise ship, the Disney Treasure, which will set sail in 2024. 

The Basics about the Disney Treasure

Seven years ago, Disney Cruise Line announced its intent to build new, larger cruise ships to add to its fleet.

The so-called Triton Class of vessels started as two new ships, but Disney later chose to build three. 

Thus far, the company has only introduced one of them to its lineup. That vessel is the Disney Wish.

You can think of the Disney Treasure as a fraternal twin of the Disney Wish. 

During the pandemic, shipbuilders constructed them at the same German shipyard.

Since the Disney Wish went first, Disney and its shipbuilders learned some tricks that they’ve utilized with the new vessel.

Still, the basics remain the same. The Disney Treasure includes 1,256 cabins and is capable of hosting 4,000 passengers plus more than 1,000 crew members.

Disney promises that this ship will “bring captivating stories from beloved Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar and Disney Parks adventures to life like never before.”

As part of this goal, Disney will celebrate tales of adventure and excitement. 

Chosen Disney stories and characters come from 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, Aladdin, Coco, Moana, Mulan, Peter Pan, and Zootopia. 

Also, Disney intends this ship to feel like an extension of Adventureland at sea, as demonstrated by an accompanying treasure map stylized like a park map.

Along those lines, some parts of the ship reflect aspects of EPCOT and Jungle Cruise. 

Basically, Disney will embrace all forms of its storytelling adventures over the years. 

The Amenities on the Disney Wish 

I’ll be brief because Disney has announced such a staggering amount of amenities and entertainment options on the Disney Treasure.

For starters, the Treasure’s answer to Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure is Plaza de Coco.

Yes, Disney has created a themed Coco dining experience that will take place in the round. That’s a concert term indicating that all seats will face the stage.

Since this cruise lasts a week, the rotational dining will work a bit differently than the Disney Wish. 

Plaza de Coco will tell two different stories, depending on which dinner you select. 

The first tells a sort of sequel story to the climactic events of the movie Coco. 

Miguel and his family will meet at Mariachi Plaza and tell their story through song.

During the second dinner concert, the magical guitar will summon Miguel’s great-great grandparents for an unforgettable Día de los Muertos celebration.

The other rotational dining experience change involves Worlds of Marvel. 

Yes, guests will enjoy watching The Avengers square off against Ultron in Avengers: Quantum Encounter.

That’s just one of two offerings, though. Spider-Man will appear in a second standalone story. So, we’ll get one familiar show and an entirely new one.

Meanwhile, other dinner options from the Wish will be available on the Treasure as well.

You’ll have your choice of 1923, Enchanté by Chef Arnaud Lallament, Palo Steakhouse, and The Rose. 

Those aren’t the only dining options, either. Jumbeaux’s Sweets will be this ship’s answer to Joyful Sweets. 

Jumbeaux’s Sweets will feature a Zootopia theme, including a sculpture of Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. 

In terms of shows, Disney promises three. Two of them are familiar to DCL fans. Those are Beauty and the Beast and Disney Seas the Day.

DCL didn’t release any information about the third offering yet. Stay tuned! 

Even More Amenities on the Disney Treasure 

Seriously, I could spend an hour describing all the amenities on the Disney Treasure.

I’m going to highlight three of my favorites and a fourth that won’t apply to most tourists, but it’s fun anyway.

Let’s start with Skipper Society, a lounge that doubles as an ode to Jungle Cruise.

When you enter this lounge, you’ll find yourself immersed in the splendid theming, style, and humor of the beloved Disney attraction.

DCL promises that under “…a canopy of jungle foliage, guests will indulge in themed cocktails and light snacks and enjoy live entertainment.”

As a Jungle Cruise/Skipper Canteen diehard, I’m thrilled about that one, but another attraction-based lounge may surpass it.

Periscope Pub explores the steampunk world of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

While the attraction no longer exists at Magic Kingdom and features a Finding Nemo theme at Disneyland, the movie is an iconic part of Disney history.

At the time, the special effects were unprecedented, especially the squid that becomes the nemesis of Captain Nemo. 

Fittingly, a centerpiece rug will display this squid, and that’s only one of many references to the realm of Jules Verne. 

Of course, the Disney Treasure hosts an actual attraction, too. It’ll offer a version of the AquaMouse water coaster.

AquaMouse: Curse of the Golden Egg explores the idea that Mickey & Minnie Mouse embark on an Indiana Jones-style adventure.

New animation will punctuate the story and differentiate Curse of the Golden Egg from The Wish’s AquaMouse. 

Finally, I want to mention the most luxurious suite on the Disney Treasure. I realize very few people reading this will ever stay on it.

Still, Disney has themed the nearly 2,000-square-foot space to EPCOT! 

In the Tomorrow Tower Suite, you’ll discover several references to World Discovery and especially Spaceship Earth. How great is that?!

Booking the Disney Treasure

If this kind of updated Disney Wish concept intrigues you, this is when you’ll want to pay attention.

The Disney Treasure sets sail on its maiden voyage on December 21st, 2024. It’ll be a seven-night cruise through the Eastern Caribbean.

That’s apparently the way Disney Cruise Line (DCL) will differentiate the Disney Wish from the Disney Treasure.

The Wish generally hosts three- and four-night cruises, while the Treasure will utilize longer itineraries. 

DCL has confirmed its schedule for the Treasure’s first six months of operation. So, you can book from December 2024 through May 2025. 

You’re probably when you can do that, and the answer is MUCH sooner than you think. 

Reservations go on sale on September 12th for Pearl Castaway Club Members. 

I’ll post the full schedule in a moment, but here’s the most important one for our purposes. 

Disney Vacation Club members may start booking on September 18th. Just to be clear, that’s a Monday. 

DCL hasn’t announced the Points Chart for Disney Treasure yet. However, I suspect it’ll look a lot like the one for the Disney Wish. 

Here’s the full booking schedule:

  • September 12th — Pearl Castaway Club Members
  • September 13th – Platinum Castaway Club & Golden Oak Members
  • September 14th – Gold Castaway Club Members
  • September 18th – Disney Vacation Club Members, ABD Insiders
  • September 19th – Silver Castaway Club Members
  • September 20th – All Disney Fans

Overall, I would describe the Disney Wish as better for cruise fans who prefer short stays on opulent ships. 

The Disney Treasure caters more to guests seeking a longer getaway and a ton of adventure and activity on a cruise.