The Hardest DVC Resorts to book

Like all other types of accommodations, booking a room in a DVC Resort is subject to availability. But sometimes, other factors come into play. Read after to the jump to learn more about DVC Resort availability and which resorts are usually the hardest to book.

Factors to consider when booking at a DVC resort

In general, it’s relatively easy to book your home resort the day the 11-month window opens up. It only gets slightly more difficult if your home resort has limited availability or you intend to book a room that’s in high demand.

Booking at another DVC Resort with a different window (in this case, the 7-month window) can also have its own set of challenges. In addition to the limited availability and demand, you also won’t be on priority as it isn’t your home resort.

The reservation window itself plays a huge role.

On one hand, an 11-month window gives you a large chance of booking the reservation you want as there is plenty of time.

A 7-month window, on the other hand, is more challenging. The success of your booking depends on the dates you intend to book, the length of your stay, and the type of room you’re after

The size of the resort can also affect your reservation. Large resorts tend to take its time to fill up, while smaller resorts get fully booked faster. Later, we’ll touch on a couple of tips to help you book at a different DVC Resort. For now, let’s move on to DVC Resorts that are usually difficult to book.

DVC Resorts & accommodations that are hard to book

Unless one of these is your home resort and you’re making a booking exactly when the 11-month window opens, the following DVC Resorts and accommodations are usually hard to get.

Concierge and value rooms at Animal Kingdom Villas – This is the only DVC Resort with concierge rooms. Understandably, that type of room is coveted and hard to book. Value rooms also get booked immediately.

Grand villas at Old Key West . – Old Key West’s grand villas, especially those near Hospitality House, are sought after. It sleeps up to 12 people comfortably in three bedrooms. There are also four bathrooms to accommodate everyone.

Grand villas and standard view rooms at Boardwalk Villas – Boardwalk Villas’ grand villas can also accommodate a group of 12, but the standard rooms are just as attractive and won’t cause a huge dent on your DVC points.

Standard view rooms at Bay Lake Tower – The standard view rooms at Bay Lake Tower are not solely popular for the amenities. The main treat here is Bay Lake Tower’s close proximity to Magic Kingdom, which is why this DVC Resort fills up so easily.

The Villas at Grand Floridian Resort & Spa –Like Bay Lake Tower, the Grand Floridian is also a short distance away from Magic Kingdom. The three-bedroom grand villas at this resort are spacious, can sleep 12 people, and covers approximately 2,800 square feet.</li></ol>

Some tips on booking at a different DVC resort

Get the most out of your home resort while you’re still on the priority list. When you reach the 7-month mark, switch your reservation to the DVC resort you want.

If the room you want at the resort is available but only for a fraction of your vacation, consider booking a “split stay” instead. If the vacation won’t be for a significant period of time, opt for the wait list.

Booking at a DVC resort during the off-peak season also increases your chances of making a successful booking. Avoid major US holidays and long weekends. September through January are usually busy months, so if you can, schedule your trip some other time.

The other way to secure a hard-to-get room is to “walk” your reservation. I’ll be honest, this is a controversial practice in the DVC community. It allows you to exploit a loop-hole in DVC system. This is not breaking any rules, its simply manipulating reservations based on DVC’s current policies. For an in-depth discussion on walking your reservation, click here

4 thoughts on “The Hardest DVC Resorts to book

  • May 10, 2019 at 2:04 pm

    None of the resorts above are the hardest to book, the hardest by far is the Grand Californian. There are so few rooms available and they are in such high demand that if you don’t book at 11 months out, your chances are very slim of getting anything.

    • May 10, 2019 at 5:34 pm

      I agree. We snagged a 1BR for the two nights we would be there at the last opportunity. We were within the one-week window and our waitlist had been dropped, but I checked multiple times a day and lucked out! Our room was fabulous overlooking California Adventure! Also loved the pools!

  • April 19, 2020 at 9:01 pm

    How accurate is the “DVC 60 Day last minute” booking with member services? Want to buy DVC resale and want to go to Disney once to twice a month, so it will always be “spur of the moment”. We live in Florida. Thanks so much!!!

    • April 4, 2021 at 11:04 am

      I DEFINITELY wouldn’t buy DVC if you’re a “Spur of the moment” person. Sure you MIGHT get a last min. reservation for a 1BR at OKW or SSR, but definitely not any Studios anywhere. We always go the 3rd week of March for my son’s spring break and then the 2nd week of Sept. for his birthday, so we’re always booking right at the opening of the 7 month window, but a few times we’ve had visitors show up from out of state and we would try to do a last min. thing and nothing was available.

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